Marlborough Junior Touch 2023
Information & Registration for Renwick School players

Welcome to another season of Junior Touch 

Dates: Junior Touch runs from Thursday 12th October to Thursday 7th December 2023.
Finals Day will be held on Thursday, December 7th. (There will be the possibility of playing some finals the following week if schools are away on camp or have prizegiving on that day.)

Grades:   Year 7 and 8 Year 5 and 6 Years 3 and 4

Game Times: 3:45pm, 4:15pm, 4:45pm, 5:15pm 

Registrations: Please register on this Sporty link.

Registration Fees:  $15.00 per player. ($12 to be paid to Marlborough Touch and the remainder to cover the cost of new balls and replacement uniforms.) Please pay subs to the Renwick School bank account referencing your child's name and Touch: 12-3167-0073889-00. Subs need to be paid before singlets can be handed out - you are welcome to discuss a payment plan with the school office.

Ball Sizes: Year 3 and 4 teams will play with a Size 3 Ball. These are perfect to teach correct grip and ball handling skills. Years 5-8 will play with a Size 4 Ball.

Team Numbers:  Teams need a minimum of 8 players with 5 boys and 3 girls. That usually covers sickness or injury but allows all children a good runaround. Teams are mixed - We play 4 boys and 2 girls on the field at all times. 

Officials: All teams need to have an adult in charge of them. Coaches/ Managers do not need to score or referee just sub the children and be positive plus check on behaviour. Please email me if you can manage/coach. We sometimes hold coaching sessions at school, depending on the availability of coaches.

Referees: The bulk of the referee duties are carried out by college-aged children. The junior referees do their best and are very keen, so please be supportive of them at all times. If you have an issue with a referee please talk to them at half time (coaches only) and if it can’t be resolved then go to the referee’s shed and get Anne Taylor to help out. 

Uniforms: Marlborough Touch expects a high standard of dress from all players. Players are to wear numbered singlets that I will hand out. Black sports shorts are required as well as sports shoes.  Touch boots may be worn. These have a plastic moulded sole. Players are to wear shoes at all times. No player is allowed to take the field without shoes!

Behaviour: Marlborough Touch expects a high standard of behaviour from all players and adults as does Renwick School. The grounds are smoke and vape free and glass free. Lansdowne Park is “Dog Free”. If you could remind your parents not to bring their dogs that would be a huge help.

Toilets: Marlborough Touch will be using the toilets at the new Sports hub and be running out of the control room downstairs. It is very central and easy to access from the netball courts.

Communication:  If it is raining Marlborough Touch will ring schools to let them know if the grounds are shut or too dangerous to play on. Renwick School will put a note out on Hero accordingly but you can check the following:

Caroline Bowron
Sports Coordinator


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