Renwick School (established 1861) is a U6 Primary School, catering for pupils from Year 0-8. The school is organised to capitalise on teachers' strengths and maximise students' opportunities for learning.

Students are drawn from three main 'catchments'; Renwick township, Base Woodbourne, and the rural environments (including the North Bank of the Wairau, the Waihopai Valley, and a stretch of the Wairau Valley. Many of our students travel to and from school by bus.

A majority of our New Entrants have had the opportunity of pre-school education at one or other of the local facilities; (Kindergarten, Play centre and Preschools).

Most of our Year 8 pupils move on to Marlborough Boys' or Marlborough Girls' Colleges after leaving Renwick School.

The buildings and grounds are tidy and well-presented which reflects the Board of Trustees' desire to create a pleasant working environment for all staff and pupils. Ground development is in line with a professionally drawn landscape plan.

We have extensive use of the Renwick Community Memorial Hall for school activities. 

Renwick is situated in what is undoubtedly one of the most attractive regions of the country. We are at the hearty of a thriving Marlborough viticulture industry. Recreational facilities abound with the Marlborough Sounds and the Nelson Lakes easily accessible. There is evidence of considerable growth both within and around the township, and in the adjacent valleys. The township is well served with facilities, including a supermarket, butcher shop and bakery, a garage, a dairy, post shop and the Renwick Phoenix cafe.

Our parents are highly valued and very supportive of the school.

The Renwick School vision statement is Learning is Strength- Be the Best You Can Be and this statement underpins the values; Respectful, Resilience and Resourceful and attitudes inherent in our school.


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