Our school day begins on our Renwick campus at 8.50am. Students are permitted on-site from 8.10am. 

School finishes at 2.55pm.


Renwick School has 25 classrooms, including four purpose-built junior classrooms which were completed in 2010 and another three reception classrooms completed mid 2013. All classroom spaces are either newly built in the last few years or have been fully refurbished to modern learning environment standards, with 5 undergoing this process in 2023.

All classrooms are bright, exciting and well equipped rooms with students' work proudly displayed on the walls.

The outside of the buildings have undergone a re-vamp reflecting colour and texture as requested by our students, resulting in a wonderful look for the school which the students are very proud of.


Incorporated within the Renwick School grounds are a large playing field, two turfed tennis/netball court areas, two adventure playgrounds - including one opened in 2022 that was designed by students for Years 3-8, and one for the junior school. 

The school also has two purpose built sandpits, with the newest one in the junior school also designed by the students.



  1. The school grounds may be used for approved activities on school days after 4.00pm (provided they are not being used by school groups)

  2. Keep clear of school buildings and respect the facilities

  3. Report any breakages


Whāia te mātaurangi hei oranga mō koutou
Seek after learning for the sake of your wellbeing

A focus over recent years in our library development plan has been to create a more junior-friendly environment and promote access to non-fiction and other genres. The engaging learning space we have today is a 21st Century library, no longer merely a book and knowledge retrieval site; it is now a go-to place where students create, share, browse, problem-solve and extend their knowledge and develop a passion for Literacy.
Please help us by encouraging students to look after and respect books, and also to adhere to our own library rules for borrowing and returning books. 
Parents and pre-schoolers are welcome to come in and look around at the great resources we have, and the Renwick School library website enables access 24/7 to our library catalogue and current news. All of our classes visit the library weekly and we have a great team of seniors who give their time to help keep the library running smoothly every day.


Imagine ... a community of environmentally responsible, caring and motivated young people, who instinctively think and act sustainably… Welcome to a normal Renwick Enviroschool day.

Keep it Clean. Renwick Green - Renwick Enviroschool

Over the past few years we have developed our school grounds and programmes to include a large number of Enviroschool initiatives, which are listed below. The students, Board of Trustees, Senior Leadership Team, Green Ferns, staff representatives and our amazing caretakers all support these policies, programmes and practices. This has lead to our school being awarded Green Gold EnviroSchools status. It is now the goal to maintain this status and head towards Beyond Green Gold.

This has been a major focus for the past few years and we are proud of the work that has been done to transform this area. However this is an ongoing project to ensure the establishment and growth of the plants and return of stream and bird life.


The school currently has 88 solar panels on the roof of the senior block as well as another 16 on the roof of the junior block. These are producing 26 kws of power.

We have an amazing garden area in which the students are given the opportunity to learn about growing and tending to plants. Our students have lessons with our Edible Garden facilitator developing their skills and understanding of the importance of growing food. Our years 4/5/6 are involved in the Garden to Table Programme which sees them planning meals and cooking with produce from the gardens.

Over the past few years we have developed our school grounds and programmes to include:

  • Visual motifs to represent our place and culture backed up with school wide practices – The Renwick School Rock. Linked to marae investigations and visits happening biannually
  • A rubbish free policy
  • Paper 4 Tree Recycling programme where the more paper and cardboard we recycle the more native trees we are given
  • Monitors for Reduction and class by class school-wide system where individuals take responsibility for monitoring waste output of water, power and classroom consumables, to help reduce it
  • Worm farms and bug hotels to encourage biodiversity and a healthy growing environment
  • Native plantings and gardens – supported by classroom learning from Me and My Environment and Living Landscapes
  • Trees 4 Survival - Linking into our community
  • Keep Renwick Tidy activities such as the Big Renwick Clean Up and the Big Switch Off Fortnight

Renwick School - with our place and practices changing we are creating a culture in our community that looks after our living Taonga.


The school is very fortunate to have access to the sports fields at the Renwick Sports and Events Centre. These grounds cater for the school's cross country and many other events and are within walking distance to the school.

We utilise Athletic Park in Blenheim for our School Athletics day.


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