Sport on Offer at Renwick School

At Renwick School we offer a wide range of sporting options for our students to take part in at school level and regional level. The list below shows the sports on offer each year, but is subject to change depending on numbers each season.

Sports not on this list are offered through local sports clubs instead; they generally hold their own separate muster events at the start of each season. We endeavour to put all external information from sports clubs in our weekly newsletter to parents.

We use our school newsletters and Hero to communicate with parents about school sports. Information and links to register can be found on Hero, and cancellations are also notified via Hero.

Sport uniforms are distributed to school sports teams at the start of each season or before some one-off events. Sports uniforms must be cared for and returned at the end of each season or tournament.

Sports teams and organisation is organised by the team of Administration staff. They manage winter and summer team sports as well as Swimming Sports, Cross Country, Athletics Sports and Mountain Bike Madness:

Nick Rowton is our Teacher in Charge of PE, managing one-off events and festivals that are held during school hours, as well as sport taster days held during school hours throughout the year:

Summer Sport

Contact Office with any queries.

Volleyball, Rippa Rugby, Touch Rugby, Summer Football, Tennis, Summer Hockey

Terms 1 and 4: Years 3-8, Friday after school, Stadium 2000

Rippa Rugby
Term 1: Years 1-8, Thursday after school between 3.30pm and 6pm, Lansdowne Park

Touch Rugby
Term 4: Years 3-8, Thursday after school between 3.45pm and 6pm, Lansdowne Park
INFORMATION AND REGISTRATIONS for the 2023 Term 4 season are now open.

Summer Football
Terms 1 and 4: Years 1-8, Wednesday after school between 4pm and 6.30pm, A&P Park

Terms 1 and 4: Years 3-8, Saturday mornings, Marlborough Tennis Centre

Other Summer Sports:
Please note that:
Softball is organised directly through Marlborough Softball. You can email them ( or try their website.
Cricket is organised by clubs - we recommend Renwick Cricket Club.

Winter Sport

Contact Office with any queries

Netball, Basketball and Hockey

Terms 2 and 3
Years 1-4: Friday evenings; Years 5-8: Saturday mornings
Mixed girls and boys teams - played at Lansdowne Netball Courts

Term 3
Years 3-4: Wednesday nights; Years 5-6 Monday nights; Years 7-8: Friday nights; Stadium 2000
Separate girls and boys teams in each grade - played at Stadium 2000

Terms 2 and 3
Years 0-2 Funsticks: Mondays 3.30-4.30pm; Years 3-4: Mondays 4.45pm onwards; Year 5-6: Tuesday afternoons: Years 7-8: Wednesday afternoons
Mixed girls and boys teams - played at Hockey Turf in Stephenson Street

Please note that winter Rugby and winter Football/Soccer are organised by club teams rather than schools: we recommend Renwick Football Club (find them on Facebook) and Renwick Rugby Club but you can find more information at Marlborough Football or Tasman Rugby.

Renwick School Sports Days

Contact Office with any queries

  • Swimming Sports for Years 5-8 held at Stadium 2000 - Term 1
    Date for 2024: Monday 18 March, Week 8
    Followed by the Inter-school Swimming Sports for selected swimmers from Years 5-8 - also in Term 1. Date for 2024: Monday 25 March, Week 9.
    Keen swimmers can contact the Blenheim Swimming Club if they wish to take their swimming further.

  • Cross Country for Years 0-8 held at the Renwick Events Centre - end of Term 2
    Date for 2024: TBC
    Followed by the Inter-school Cross Country for selected athletes from Years 5-8 at the start of Term 3 held at the Wither Hills Farm Park.
    Date for 2024: TBC

  • Athletic Sports - Term 4; held at school for Years 1-2 and at Athletic Park, Blenheim, for Years 3-8
    Date for 2024: TBC
    Followed by the Inter School Athletic Sports for selected athletes from Years 4-8 held at Athletic Park.
    Date for 2024: TBC
    The Marlborough Children's Athletics Club is recommended for those who want to take their athletics further. Sessions are held from 5.30-7pm on a Wednesday night in Terms 1 & 2.

Mountain Bike Madness Interschool event for Years 3-8, held in Seddon, Term 4
Date for 2024: Friday 25 October, Week 2 (postponement Friday 27 October)
Keen mountain bikers can contact the Marlborough Mountain Bike Club if they wish to take the sport further.

One-off Organised Sports Festivals & Events

One-off Tournaments & Events - contact Nick Rowton with any queries

Ki-O-Rahi (for years 5-8 depending on numbers), Term 4); Rugby 7s; Rippa Rugby; Hockey Festival (Term 3); Multisport (Y7-8 Winter Tournament, Term 3); Gymnastics Festival, Term 2; Cricket Festival, Term 1; Volleyball Tournaments; Touch Rugby; Rugby Union Marlborough Trials (Y7-8), Term 2); Ski Trip, Term 3 (not held annually)


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