Robyn is Renwick School's Acting Principal (2021) 

The Board of Trustees will appoint a new Principal for Renwick School later in 2021.
Our school's teaching and learning environment is based on mutual respect and is underpinned by valuing good manners, good behaviour and hard work. We endeavour to instil in our students self respect, a sense of fun and the ambition to succeed in the academic, sporting and cultural arenas.

We are proud of our well-maintained buildings, grounds and facilities. Recent changes in education have provided challenges and exciting new opportunities for our school. The board and staff are proactive in continuing to build Renwick's excellent reputation in providing a QUALITY EDUCATION in a QUALITY ENVIRONMENT for all our students.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or questions at all about our school. 

Robyn Lyall
Acting Principal (2021) 
Contact the Office
Mon - Fri 8:30am - 3:30pm


Leadership Team

Acting Principal (2021) - Robyn Lyall
Acting Deputy Principal (2021) - Chelle MacGibbon
Assistant Principal - Rosemary Guile

We have an experienced, dedicated and talented staff who through modern, appropriate teaching strategies provide interesting and innovative learning experiences for our students. Our teaching staff is organised into five whānau groups, each managed by a team leader.

Tuatahi Whānau - New Entrants​

Room 1: Rose Guile (Team Leader)
Room 2: Lea-anne George
Room 3: Jen Potts

Whanake Whānau - Year 1/2

Room 4: Lisa McFarlane
Room 5: Anne Theobald
Room 7: Kathryn Martin (Team Leader)

Maia Whānau - Year 3/4​

Room 11: Sophie Watson
Room 12: Amanda Cockburn (Team Leader)
Room 14: Deb Craig
Room 15: Deanna Schroder
Room 16: Holly Siemonek

Pakahukahu Whānau - Year 5/6

Room 17: Lisa Sandrey
Room 18: Svenja Niederkrome
Room 19: Michelle Lockwood
Room 20: Rowena Ferguson (Team Leader)
Room 21: Chelsea Bradley

Kaitiaki Whānau - Year 7/8​

Room 22: Deb Jones
Room 23: Nick Rowton
Room 24: Tore Waechter
Room 25: Cris Youngman (Team Leader)

Te Pā Wānanga

Whaea Virgil Houpapa
Whaea Annette Barron
Whaea Jeanette Lammas

Whaea Carleen Heemi
Whaea Arihiana Edmonds


We are also well supported by a dedicated team of support staff.

Executive Officer - Lynnette Webster
Administration Assistant - Laura Grinter
Principal's PA - Heather Johnson
Library Administration - Caroline Bowron
Teacher in Charge of Library - Anne Theobald

Sports Coordinator - Corriena Price

Arts Teacher - Janelle Rea
Edible Gardens Facilitator - Angela Hore

Pete Welsh
Rob Stirling

Reading Recovery
Jen Potts
Anne Theobald

Te Whare Manaaki Student Support Hub
Vicki Day (SENCO)
Melanie Styche (SENCO / ORS Coordinator)
Ainsley Bell (SENCO / ESOL Coordinator)
Cheryl Adcock (SLA)

Student Learning Assistants

Helen James
Meridith Crawford
Racheal Kenyon
Rowena Huddleston
Nicole Powell
Corriena Price
Beccy Friend
Kelsi Teeling

Teacher Aides
Kristin Ruwhiu
Angela Gillespie
Pauline Fudge
Dawn Kerry
Sonya Simmons
Jo Kermeen
Tannea Heywood
Carleen Phillips (Te Pā Wānanga)
Arihiana Edmonds (Te Pā Wānanga)


OUR MISSION: To provide excellence in education with sensitivity to the community's aspirations
OUR VISION: He mana tō te ako kei a koe te tikanga: Learning is strength - be the best you can be
OUR VALUES: Our values are the important qualities we try to live by and show in the ways we ourselves go about our work and in our relationships with others in our school and beyond. 

Our values are:
Positive Relationships / Whakawhanaungatanga
Respect / Manaakitanga
Resilience / Taikaha
Integrity / Pono

Our Vision Statement

Our values system is based around our vision statement:

'He mana tō te ako kei a koe te tikanga: Learning is strength - be the best you can be'

Each class establishes what this means for them and those around them at school, at home and in the community and this then forms the basis for their room's learning and behaviour expectations and indeed that of the school.

The Give It A Go Rock

Our vision statement is reinforced in many ways throughout the school in the form of class awards, values awards and our Supreme Award - The Give it a Go Kid Rock which is presented fortnightly to a "Give it a Go" student who lives the values behind our vision statement. The Give it a Go Kid Rock (pictured on a plinth in the photo above), which originated from the local Wairau river, depicts the unique Renwick environment and represents the many twists and turns in the pathways of learning and life.


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