Maia whanau visits Falcon Trust

Maia whanau visits Falcon Trust

Last week Māia Whānau went to visit the Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust in
Brancott Road. This is a volunteer-run charitable trust which is focused on the conservation
of the New Zealand falcon, known as the Kārearea, which is listed as “At Risk”.
Lizzie talked to the students firstly about how they rescue hurt birds and help rehabilitate them before releasing them locally. She told the group how they also breed the falcon as there are only between 5,000 – 8,000 left in New Zealand. She talked about the predators of the falcon and showed the group some real ones that had been stuffed. She explained the difference between a falcon and a Harrier hawk.
We got to have a look through the aviary and the birds that are there at the moment. Some had injuries and wouldn’t be released but were hopefully going to have babies.
Scout was a favourite because she thinks she is a human and not a bird. We met Fern and her human Diana. This was the highlight to see a falcon up close. Diana shared lots of information about Fern and showed her very sharp talons. While Diana was talking Fern was having a snack which was a duck’s head!

Somethings we learnt from the trip.
'I learnt that a falcon can fly up to 180 kmph when it is in a stoop which is a dive.'
'I learnt that the falcon has three eyelids.'
'I learnt that a falcon’s nest is on the ground and it is called a scrape.'
'I found it interesting that a falcon has scales on its feet not feathers. They also have a bump on their talons to help them not hurt their feet when they land.'
'I found it interesting that a falcon can see 8 times further than a human.'
'I found it interesting that falcons eat other small birds and like to hide their food in the bushes to eat it later if they are too full.'
'I learnt that a falcon flaps its wings and the harrier hawk glides.'


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