Lego Club at Renwick School

Lego Club at Renwick School

We run Lego Club at Renwick School  to strengthen and develop social and communication skills through working collaboratively to create Lego pieces. 

Each student has a role in the group which they are responsible for,
Builder (who builds the Lego),  Supplier (who gives the correct Lego piece to the  builder)  and Engineer ( who reads the instructions and asks the Supplier to give the correct piece to the builder), each child gets the chance to be each role, every session. 

Lego club has so many benefits such as, team work, turn taking, positive communication, creativity, problem solving, fine motor skills, self belief, and many more. 

We invite the classroom teachers to choose groups of 3 students to work on each piece and a usual Lego group might last anywhere between 5-10 weeks.  Each week they get 1 X 30 minute session. 

Below we have Jimmy E, Kees H and Zander V.


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